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Hello! My name is Aura and I am a mindset coach and realism tattoo artist at my shop I co-own with Joshua Scott, Flamingo Noir Collective, in Englewood, Ohio. 

Discussing your internal goals and getting to the root of your heart is my niche and infusing your tattoos with intention is my jam - colliding the two is where the magic happens.


Nothing is more precious to me than the trust I'm given by each of my clients; trust to bring their visions to life, trust with their stories, their tears... It is truly such an honor to do this work.


Tattoos are a beautiful and sacred way to honor the body with ritual and intention. Tattooing is another facet of worship. Often, tattoos can be a healing step that helps us bridge that path home to self love. You are so worthy of that love, no matter your form, but if you find yourself feeling the call to celebrate and treat your temple with some custom artwork, you've found the right space.


Exploring different facets of art has become my passion and tattooing has taken that passion to further lengths that lights up my spirit. I was raised in Canada and my mother was a painter, I quickly picked up her love for art and expressed my creativity through music, photography, and painting; eventually painting murals and commissioned pieces that now hang around the world. I began tattooing in 2020, the year of so many changes, since, I have been a guest artist and have traveled around the country tattooing at conventions, now working with giants and soaking up as much knowledge as I can. It's amazing to live this life with passion and I feel so fulfilled doing this work.

Let’s make some magic together, I can’t wait to grow with you.

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