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We've come a long way when it comes to healing our tattoos.

I use a special wrap for all of my clients called Recovery Derm.


Recovery Derm is a plastic bandage that was initially created by medical professionals for burn victims, the bandage has tiny breathable holes in it and acts as a second skin as the tattoo heals, keeping it clean and protected from the elements.


You can shower with this wrap on your tattoo, but do not fully submerge the area for at least two weeks after your appointment. No baths. No swimming. If you submerge your fresh tattoo, it will waterlog the ink and ruin your healing artwork.

I recommend leaving the Recovery Derm on for 3-5 days, depending on the extensivity of the tattoo.

Removing the Recovery Derm:
I recommend removing the bandage in the shower. This is like removing a giant bandaid, but do not rip it off carelessly, instead very carefully pull on the edges of the plastic, keeping it flush with the skin, this will create an air pocket under the wrap to gently remove the bandage. There will likely be some blood and plasma trapped under the plastic, this is normal.

Once you remove the Recovery Derm, I recommend washing the area with antibacterial soap, allow the area to dry completely and apply a white, unscented lotion twice a day, usually after waking up and again before bed.

As always,

Feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions about your healing process.

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